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Meet The JBC Team

Hey there! 

We are Kenzie and Kayli, the duo behind Juice Branding Co. 

We are friends and business partners, and we decided to build this business based on our mutual passion for using our creativity to bring businesses' personalities to life. 

There's nothing we enjoy more than working with passionate people and turning their visions into a tangible, organized, and unique brands!

We specialize in collaboration-based branding that represents the people behind the brand and drives authentic, dynamic and  timeless results.




I'm Kenzie, for as long as I can remember creativity has been a prominent force in my life. I have always loved putting things together and making them look aesthetically pleasing. 

I have an Associate of Arts degree with a specification in digital content, and I am currently a digital marketing student. My time as a student has really opened my eyes to the endless creative opportunities in the branding space and allowed me to see my love for brand design even further. 

I have always had a passion for creating and curating, and now, as a co-founder of Juice alongside my wonderfully creative friend, we are able to help brands build their identity and breathe life into their ideas. It really is a dream come true. 

It is so nice to meet you, & I look forward to hearing your dreams for your brand & our potential collaboration!!



I'm Kayli, the second half of the Juice team. I have an English degree from Eastern Washington University, but, pretty quickly after graduating, I discovered my intense passion for the creative process of branding businesses.

I have always been a creative person, but the passion for channeling it into brand design originally stemmed from my day job in Seattle as the Marketing and Event Coordinator for Princess and Bear Wines. I have been blessed to have had some great mentors in that role, and I learned how to organize my creative thoughts and make them into something tangible and beautiful. 

After learning how much I love to create and build the personality of a business through branding and marketing, I decided to start my own! 

I now am a co-founder of this wonderful business that allows me to express my creativity through its brand and others' to the absolute fullest, and, not only that, but do it alongside my great friend!


There is nothing I would love more than to help you discover your creativity too and express it through your amazing business!  

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