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Individual Services

It's the little things. 

Individual Brand Identity Services

  • Brand values and/or mission statements 

  • Brand naming 

  • Brand taglines

  • Logos 

Individual Brand Strategy Services

  • Editorial Guide 

    • Guidelines for formatting 

    • Defines company tone and voice 

    • Templates for written documents

    • Target audience guide and profiles

    • Review of brand mission/values ​

  • Social media strategies (example of P&B’s - Instagram) 

    • Posting pillars 

    • Mood board

    • Mission Statement

    • Measurable goals outline

Individual Brand Aesthetic Services

  • Colors

    • Palette

    • Hierarchy

    • Color Tones 

  • Typography

    • Fonts 

    • Font hierarchy 

    • Examples of size display across multiple platforms

  • Product packaging examples and guidelines 

    • Product links (logo stickers, thank-you cards, etc.)

    • Custom packaging designs 

    • Eco-friendly options 

    • Free gift inclusions 

  • eCommerce templates 

    • Categories include sales, promotions, newsletters, blog post updates, event invitations, and more

  • Photography 

    • Examples

    • Explanation of aesthetic

    • Mood boards

  • Business Card Design

  • Email Signature Design

Website Building and Rebuilding

  • Juice Branding Co. can build you an interactive, fully branded website from scratch, or we can redesign your current site to better fit your brand. 

  • Building a well-rounded website requires an established brand design. If you don't already have one, we will work with you to create a brand that will make your website uniquely yours. 

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